Southern Indiana Gambler 500 Details 
October 25th-27th 
Black swan mud pits in Medora, Indiana

Food,Ice and firewood will be available at all times the entire weekend. So don’t bring tons of food. Let’s show our appreciation and purchase as much food from Black Swan as possible. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available. 
 What is the Gambler 500 you ask? Well it’s and On road off road navigational type scavenger hunt/trash pickup. We provide waypoints via GPS for you to go out and explore. We are also having a mini bike enduro and a demolition derby that weekend as well (no professional derby cars allowed this year) also a costume contest and a beer chugging contest. So Grab your old crappy car and come have some fun with us. If you don’t know about the Gambler 500 go to YouTube and watch tons of videos. Then after you’ve fallen in love go find a ride and get it ready for 500 miles of pure bliss. 

The event will start on Friday the 25th. You can check in at Black swan anytime after noon. And the event will end around Noon on the 27th. The charge for camping and enjoying the fun for the entire weekend is only 25 bucks per person along with 3 canned goods per person or 28 without can goods per person. Black Swan and Southern Indiana Gambler have pitched in the first $500 bucks to purchase can goods. So please help us make this donation huge!! This includes all 3 days of the event and the mini bike enduro if you want to enter. The demolition derby will cast an extra 20 bucks with all money collected going to the winner. I will put the “rules” and details for the enduro and demolition derby below. 

Mini bike enduro

This will go down on Saturday the 26th
If you are coming just for the enduro and not camping for the weekend the cost is still 25 bucks.  
Your bike must be a pull start type engine. No pit bikes or Grom type bikes allowed. 
Riders will start on opposite side of the road from their bikes. 
Event will start at 4pm sharp.  
Bikes must be at staging lane at 315. 
There will be a riders meeting at 330 pm sharp. 
You must wear a helmet. 
The enduro will be from somewhere between 5-10 laps with each lap almost being a mile of pure bliss/hell. Depending on how demented you are lol. 
Also please create a number plate for the front of your bike so the announcer can keep us posted during the race. 
There will be prizes for the top 3 finishers. If there are 3 finishers at all. 

Demolition derby details

Event will start somewhere around 6pm after the mini bike enduro 
This is a voluntary event that will cost an extra 20 bucks with all money collected going to the winner. 
Absolutely no professional cars. All cars must be stock and will be checked beforehand. 
All side glass must be removed or able to roll down completely inside of vehicle. 
You must have a fire extinguisher mounted in the car. Preferably in the center for easy access. 
Must wear a helmet also. 
No hitting the drivers door of any vehicle. If you hit the drivers door on a vehicle. The event will be stopped. You will be asked to exit your vehicle, and all vehicles still left running will have one free shot at your vehicle with theirs. After that is done you can re-enter your vehicle and proceed with the derby. If that’s possible lol. 
We will have prizes for the top two finishers of this event. 

Costume contest winner will be declared on Saturday night after all the festivities when we are handing out trophy’s. The winner will win back their camp fee for the weekend. 

Beer chugging contest (with a twist) is open to anyone 21 and older. This is gonna be a blast. So please join us for this one lol. The winner of the contest will win $100 bucks. So practice your skills lol. 

We will also have a few other “secret trophy’s up for grabs. So be on your best behavior. Ya never know what you can win. Also. Let’s leave this place cleaner than we found it. The owner has went above and beyond to help make this event insane. If you were there last year you know how much fun it was. So as gamblers let’s show our appreciation and make sure we keep it spotless the entire time. Trash barrels will be available all throughout camp for your trash as well as the trash you pick up along the route. So let’s fill them All!!!!